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Erst die Kanadier von BioWare nutzten das asiatische Riesenreich als Vorlage für ein Abenteuer. Im April haben wir Jade Empire auf der. Nachdem die asiatische Großmacht bisher nur als alternativer Bösewicht in Strategie- und Actiontiteln herhalten durfte, kann sie in Jade Empire. Wenn sich westliche Entwickler dazu entscheiden, ein Spiel zu produzieren, das asiatische Mythen als Grundlage verwendet, besteht die. Jade Empire: Special Edition. um Uhr von Felix Schütz -. Das wurde aber auch Zeit! Biowares Action-Rollenspiel hat es nach beinahe zwei. Jade Empire Review Das eigentliche Konzept hinter Jade Empire ist etwas ungewöhnlich. Ein westlicher Entwickler probiert sich in der Entwicklung eines.

Jade Empire Review

Titel. Jade Empire. Originaltitel. Jade Empire. Genre. RPG-Action. Spielzeit. 20 Stunden. Erscheinungsjahr D. Verfilmungen. Publisher. 2K Games. Erst die Kanadier von BioWare nutzten das asiatische Riesenreich als Vorlage für ein Abenteuer. Im April haben wir Jade Empire auf der. Mystische Grafik. Wo bin ich?! Die Steuerung wurde perfekt an Maus und Tastatur angepasst. Der Griff zum Gamepad ist also unnötig – großes Lob an die​.

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Steam Symbole Es ist stets dem Spieler überlassen, ob er nicht doch lieber erst einmal eine Gaunerin mit einem Tischler verkuppelt, anstatt z. An Harmonie und Geister im Raum? Die More Than Gaming wiederum fand ich albern bis langweilig. Jade Empire spielt sozusagen in einem fiktiven, aber Beste Spielothek in Langbroich finden angehauchten Land — im Jadereich. Die interessantesten Punkte bilden aber sicher das Amulett, in dem Perlen eingesetzt werden können, die eurem Helden verschiedene Attribute verstärkt und die Charakterauflevelung.
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PEP HERSTELLEN Publisher: Microsoft. Impressum Redaktion Mediadaten. So ist z. Vielmehr gilt es, anderen Menschen behilflich zu sein, knifflige операция ДћВєДћВ°ДћВ·ДћВёДћВЅДћВѕ zu lösen und natürlich Abenteuer zu bestehen.
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Jade Empire Review Wildes Kloppen auf denselben Knopf und das Bewegen auf den gegnerischen Rücken sind eigentlich nach kürzester Zeit verinnerlicht. Vielmehr trägt unser Held ein edles Drachenamulett, was mit Essenzjuwelen The Golden Voices Of Gospel werden kann. Ein besseres Spielerlebnis auf dem PC? Schwierig wird es nur, weil das Amulett nicht beliebig erweitert werden kann — stets ist die Anzahl der Juwelen begrenzt, so dass man überlegen Comdirect Empfehlen, welche Stärken von Vorteil sein können.
Jade Empire Review Sicherlich ist dies nur eine Kleinigkeit im Spiel, Comdirect Girokonto Erfahrung genau das zeigt, was der Entwickler mit dem Game schaffen wollte. Aber leider erst, wenn man das Spiel einmal durch hat. Jade Empire versprüht ein ganz eigenes Flair. Die glaubhaften, toll geschriebenen Charaktere sprechen lippensynchron und besitzen eine ausgefeilte Mimik.
Many missions will actually conflict directly with each other, so you have to choose which side to take, and those decisions will directly affect your path through the Beste Spielothek in Roggwil finden. For several enemy characters, the staff used hand animation. Wall worked on the game from January to Februarycoming in during the game's early development. You'll be faced Bad Steben Casino a lot of decisions that push you in the direction of either the "open palm" or the Bingobilly fist," rough equivalents of good and evil paths. Computer Beste Spielothek in Stogersbach finden Magazine.

Pressing both attacks at once gets you an area of effect attack. Certainly, your character collects experience points and levels up a vastly simplified set of stats Health, Chi and Focus every now and then, but this is more an action game than anything else.

Unfortunately, you get the feeling that Bioware tried to create a really excellent real-time combat game and then pulled back from the edge just before they got there.

Aficionados of action games were probably reading the list of commands in the last paragraph with something of a furrowed brow - and yes, I'm afraid that it really is that simple.

Or at least, almost that simple. Jade Empire's big idea is the inclusion of dozens of different fighting styles, ranging from weapon styles to unarmed martial arts styles, magic abilities, support styles that don't damage directly but might slow an enemy down or steal their Chi which is used for magical attacks, or to replenish your health , and even transformation styles which morph you into a powerful monster.

Four of these styles can be mapped to the four directions on your D-pad, and you can access the rest of them through a pause menu during combat.

The idea behind the game's combat system is that while fighting in each individual style is very simple, the combination of different styles yields a range of more interesting techniques.

This almost works. Fundamental combat in a single style is very simple, and basically consists of mashing the A button in front of an enemy's face until they start blocking, at which point you hold down the X button to break their block and then mash the A button some more until they die - lather, rinse, repeat.

In theory, as you progress through the game you should start doing different things; switching over to a support style to slow down an enemy, for example, and then starting a "harmonic combo", a multi-style combo that kills an enemy instantly, then flicking between a few other styles to deal a sequence of withering blows.

In practice, there's little real incentive to learn to do this properly. Even on the higher difficulty setting, Jade Empire's combat never really gets massively taxing - you just need to pay attention to your health, position yourself well, pick a decent style and hammer the A button a lot.

At the lower difficulty level, you can ignore most of that and just hammer the A button, even on tougher boss characters.

It's not that combat in Jade Empire isn't fun. A vast amount of effort has gone into creating loads of detailed, interesting enemies to fight, and many of your styles are hugely impressively animated.

There's a lot to be said for watching people beat the stuffing out of each other in a wide range of fantastic martial arts styles. It's just that after you master the basics of combat, it doesn't feel like there's very much more to do, and this is certainly a game which you'll be lead through by a desire to unravel more of the fascinating story and learn more about the great characters, rather than by a burning will to participate in more of the rather pedestrian battles.

Remember I said I could have written a few paragraphs about awesome graphics and headed off to lunch? I still haven't had lunch, but let's talk about those graphics.

Jade Empire looks absolutely beautiful. It's by far the most impressive of Bioware's games from a graphical perspective, and one of the most impressive games we've seen on a console, full stop.

Each location is lovingly modelled - although not very interactive, which is a little disappointing - and effects like water, weather and fire are beautifully done.

The whole thing is suffused with a dream-like glow, which brings instant comparisons with Big Blue Box' Fable. It's probably fair to say that while Jade Empire aims for a different kind of graphical style to Fable, it's more accomplished overall in this regard, with a far greater variety in environments and a truly astonishing number of differently modelled and animated people and creatures to encounter.

Unfortunately, the whole thing is marred slightly by some inconsistency, which feels like a hangover from Knights of the Old Republic. The frame rate is generally fine, but has a really nasty habit of chugging badly at key points in the game - something which is quite ugly and unacceptable in a console title.

Worse again are the occasional short pauses we saw during combat, which really broke up the action quite badly.

The last thing on the list of graphics-related frustrations is the load delays, which are frankly enormous, and happen rather too often for our liking.

It's particularly disappointing that these seem to have actually got worse since KOTOR, rather than better. Sure, the graphics have improved as well, but it's a real shame that the trade-off seems to come down to huge load delays every time you step across a threshold.

It would be very easy to gloss over these concerns and simply be swept away by Jade Empire. It's a truly beautiful game, which presents a lovingly crafted and genuinely fascinating world, a host of fantastic characters and a great sense of freedom in terms of your actions in what is mostly a very polished package, and I'd happily recommend it to any Xbox owner.

However, in trying to strike a balance between action and stat-based combat, Bioware seem to have fallen between two stools. Action fans will find the combat too simple, while RPG fans will find the inability to customise their character to any major degree frustrating.

As a hugely enjoyable new game from one of the world's most talented developers, it deserves a place in any collection, but it falls sadly short of the status of all-time classic which some seem to want to confer upon it.

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Rob Fahey Contributor. Microsoft reportedly binning ugly "optimised for Xbox Series X" sticker Now more a peeling.

It's set in a marvelous mythological land of monstrous demons and martial arts that's inhabited by hysterical and heartbreaking characters, each with his or her own fascinating story.

If you cherish strong narratives in games and have appreciated the developer's previous efforts, this one won't disappoint you. I'll take door number one, Monty.

Still, two years is a lot of time for the cracks to start showing, and even with the added benefit of slightly improved artificial intelligence and a couple of new fighting styles, the shadow of other role-playing and adventure games looms more heavily over the simple combat and scant leveling options.

Enemies do exhibit better defensive behavior this time around, but battles retain their general simplicity. You still collect amulet gems and have a large variety of combat styles to upgrade, but without an actual inventory to manage or gear to collect, Jade Empire feels less fulfilling next to more full-fledged RPGs.

With both the combat and the customization options left underdeveloped, it doesn't matter whether you look at the game as an RPG or an action adventure; either way, there is some noticeable missed potential.

Yet Jade Empire: Special Edition is a very good game with a lot to offer those who haven't glimpsed the beauty of its world.

From start to finish, the enhanced graphics rarely fail to impress, thanks to lush landscapes and unusual and fascinating character designs.

Your journey takes you from a martial arts school, to spirit-infested ruins, to the blue-tinged afterlife itself, and it's easy to get swept up in the artistry of such fantastical places.

Blocky character models and washed-out textures may occasionally catch your eye, and you wouldn't use Jade Empire to test the limits of your fancy graphics card.

Still, the game is colorful and full of life, and it runs amazingly well, without the occasional frame rate hiccups and long load times of the Xbox version.

While the visuals enrich the game with a storybook glow, the audio design truly brings it to life.

The combat effects are satisfactory, if not particularly noteworthy, but the voice acting is mostly superb, capturing the essence of each character.

What makes it more impressive is that there is simply so much of it, and none of it is difficult to listen to. The Eastern-hued symphonic soundtrack fits the visuals nicely and is both beautiful and understated.

The detailed production values will pull you in, but it's the impressive number of choices that will keep you engaged.

You'll be faced with a lot of decisions that push you in the direction of either the "open palm" or the "closed fist," rough equivalents of good and evil paths.

These choices are found within the dialogue, most of which is lengthy and all of which is written with finesse. For instance, at one point you are faced with the option of poisoning an upcoming martial arts opponent before your fight begins, which earns you some coin but is a less honorable approach.

On the other hand, you can tip off the intended victim to the plot, retain your honor, and earn a new combat style in the process. Or perhaps you refuse to do the dirty deed, but don't say a word.

Whenever you are faced with such a choice, your decision will affect your alignment, which in turn affects elements of the story and other factors, such as which fighting styles you get to learn.

Most--if not all--of Jade Empire's replay value is in finding out just what happens if you follow one path or another.

This little girl isn't everything she seems. Do the flaming red eyes give it away? Battles aren't nearly as dynamic as the dialogue, although on the surface, the fighting sounds appealing enough.

You'll gather a number of fighting styles along the way that you can map to the number keys, and you can activate any of the 10 you've assigned during combat, which is an improvement over the Xbox version's maximum of four.

Styles include martial arts styles like Legendary Strike; weapons styles like Dual Swords learned from the aforementioned potential poison victim ; magic styles like Ice Shard; transformation abilities, such as the endlessly useful Jade Golem; and support styles like Storm Dragon, another helpful skill.

The PC edition features two new styles, Iron Palm and Viper; however, though they're fitting additions to the existing styles, they bring nothing new to the table, and you get to use only one of them depending on your alignment.

It's also perfectly possible that you may not earn either one, since you have to read the correct scrolls to unlock them. The choices sound interesting, but once you get used to the different types of enemies, it usually boils down to the same rote clicking.

Each style has main and alternate attacks, as well as a power attack. You can also activate focus mode, which is essentially like bullet time.

The majority of your attacks will use up one of your two sources of strength, chi or focus. On paper this sounds fine, but in practice, you merely lock on to an enemy and slash or punch him a few times, and he dies.

If it's a larger enemy, maybe you'll use Toad Demon to poison him or Paralyzing Palm to stop him in his tracks and then slash him up without too much interference.

Your Score. Rate this:. Log in to finish rating Jade Empire. Jade Empire. Share this? Summary: Set in an ancient world inspired by mythical China, Jade Empire lets you train under your master's watchful eye as you learn powerful martial arts and mystical powers.

When danger threatens, you'll travel across the world, from the harsh mountains of the Land of Howling Spirits to the lush Set in an ancient world inspired by mythical China, Jade Empire lets you train under your master's watchful eye as you learn powerful martial arts and mystical powers.

When danger threatens, you'll travel across the world, from the harsh mountains of the Land of Howling Spirits to the lush gardens of the Imperial City.

In your adventures, you must face powerful human and supernatural foes, learn the exotic and magical martial arts, and discover the darkest secrets of the world.

Practice the greatest fighting styles and defeat the most powerful enemies to become a master of martial arts. Play Sound. Please enter your birth date to watch this video:.

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Jade Empire Gameplay Movie Critic Reviews. Score distribution:. Positive: 82 out of Mixed: 2 out of Negative: 0 out of Enthralling and beautiful, Jade Empire melds adrenaline-inducing combat with a compelling RPG structure perfectly.

All this publication's reviews Read full review. Everything is done well from the tip of your top knot to the soles of your butt kicking shoes.

Some people may be intimidated by the massive amount of reading and conversations that you come upon in this game, but serious RPGers will revel in it.

Jolt Online Gaming UK. Jade Empire is a beautiful, resounding triumph, much like the strong, highly polished gemstone the game takes its name from.

Jade Empire is the new king of Xbox RPGs, and it doesn't look like anything will be releasing this year to top it.

Computer and Video Games. The sheer accessible quality of Jade will grab the huge portion of mainstream gamers introduced to the role-playing genre by KOTOR, and drag them kicking and screaming into a sumptuous, surreal world of elephant demons and ancient lore - a considerable achievement for a new franchise.

Worth Playing. If you look at Jade Empire as Bioware's next RPG, you'll be disappointed, as it is really a step back from Bioware's previous endeavors.

However, when looked at as more of an action title, Jade Empire is much more palatable. Computer Games Magazine. If they could have made it into the underpinnings of a stronger combat system, perhaps the other areas of the game where they played it safe wouldn't have seemed so grossly rehashed.

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Share Embed. Read Critic Reviews. Add to Cart. About This Game Step into the role of an aspiring martial-arts master and follow the path of the open palm or the closed fist.

In this multi-award-winning action-RPG, your choices and actions will determine the fate of the entire Jade Empire. Will you prevent the destruction of this beautiful land, or will you crush it beneath your heel?

Are you a warrior who uses his strength and fighting mastery to bring peace, or will you instead use your power to bring pain and ruin?

The choice is yours. The Original Award Winning Jade Empire An incredible, engaging story that makes you the noble hero or the treacherous villain!

A wealth of fascinating characters to interact with. Beautiful, mysterious lands to explore, discover, and save A rich blend of role-playing and exciting real-time combat.

New monsters and enemies. New fighting styles.

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